A L O T   S P O R T S ®
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Our Purpose

To help people celebrate and promote their passion.


A Common Language

As an athlete and/or lover of the great outdoors, you pay attention to detail. That's why your immediate recognition of our "alot" as a common misspelling of "a lot" is not surprising. But do you ever notice how frequently and fluently you append "a lot" to your favorite action verbs (swim, run, hunt, fish, hike, etc.)?
At Alot Sports®, we've translated such smooth dialect into a portfolio of unique brands worn and displayed with confidence. The result:  swimalot®; bikealot®; runalot®; and the list goes on...
So whether you're a triathlete, a yogi, a fisherman, or anyone in between, we speak your language. We understand your unique drive for what you do and why you love to do it "alot."


Founded in the spring of 2010 by an avid runner, Alot Sports® provides quality apparel and accessories for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Based in Davidson, North Carolina, we are a family owned and operated e-commerce business that sells direct to consumers and specialty retailers. Our brands represent a common language shared by those who embody an active lifestyle. As we continue to grow, we are committed to investing in - and protecting - our intellectual property to better serve you, and to better condition ourselves to run alongside the bigger players in our industry.